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Typical Home Purchase Costs

The following is a list of costs assoicated with buying a home. Don't be caught off-guard! Use it to help plan the next purchase of a home.

  1. Appraisal: An estimate of real estate vaule, usually issued to the standards of FHA, VA, FNMA. Recent comparable sales in the neighborhood are the most important factor in determining value.
  2. Origination Fee: A fee charge for work involved in the evaluation, preparation and submission of a proposed mortgage loan.
  3. Points: or Loan Origination Fee, each point is 1% of loan amount.
  4. Interest on the Loan: Interest covering the period from closing date to the end of the month.
  5. Attorney's Fee
  6. Survey Fees: Lender or Title Insurance Company may require a registered survey or map showing the location of the house and the boundaries of the proerty as well as easements and rights of way.
  7. Recording Fees: The buyer ususally pays the fee for legally recording the new deed and mortgage.
  8. Homeowners Insurance: Proof of current policy is necessary at the closing.
  9. Title Insurance: An insurance policy which protects the insured (purchaser or lender) against loss arising from defects in title.
  10. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Insurance written by a private company protecting the mortgage lender against loss occasioned by a mortgage default.
  11. Termite inspection
  12. Building Inspection
  13. Taxes: Buyers portion of pre-paid property taxes.


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