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Now Is The Time To Get Off The Grid


Now is the time to buy that rural land or home and get off the power grid!  Do you know how vulnerable the U.S. power grid is?

  A 2013 sniper attack on a California sub station took 27 days to repair.  This attack was carried out by two men with assault rifles.


 The Wall Street Journal reports that a coordinated strike could bring down the entire U. S. grid.


Bloomberg News reports that a 2012 blackout in India left 640 million people without power.


 Business Week reports that a solar storm could wreak havoc worldwide.  Elliott Management Corp, a hedge fund, warned investors that an electromagnetic pulse could disrupt the grid for months or longer, giving an example of the 1859 solar storm that disrupted the telegraph network.


A cyber attack could shut down the grid.  The greatest threat is from Russia, the source of most cyber attacks, that is reeling from sanctions imposed by the Obama administration over Ukraine.

Severe weather is the most common threat to the grid.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and other extreme weather events have caused massive power outages throughout the country.  As the U.S. power grid grows older and weather becomes more severe the concerns are increasing.  Severe weather has caused more than 675 power outages between 2003 and 2012.  The U.S. has more blackouts than other developed countries.

The grid has grown since the late 1880’s and 70 % of the U.S. power grid’s transmission lines and transformers are over 25 years old.

You cannot solve the problem.  It will take a coordinated effort of business, industry and government.  But you can take care of your family and avoid the chaos and break down of civil authority that will result.  Now is the time to prepare; tomorrow may be too late.

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