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Lookout Mountain

The famous Lookout Mountain is actually a plateau, rising to 2392 feet at its highest point. 75% of the plateau is in northeast Alabama. The balance is located in northwest Georgia and southern Tennessee, near Chattanooga. Famous tourist attractions, located close to Chattanooga have made Lookout Mountain world famous. Some of them are Rock City, Ruby Falls and the Incline at Chattanooga. Mentone, at the southern end of the mountains, as well as Cloudland, Georgia are popular tourist and second home destinations. Little River, the longest flowing mountaintop river in the U.S. is home to Desoto Falls State Park, Little River Canyon and popular whitewater adventurers. Cloudland Canyon State Park is a highly visited state park on the west brow of the mountain. Lookout Mountain is home to the nation's largest hang gliding school as well as Covenant College on the west brow. At the southern terminus of Lookout Mountain is Noccalula Falls, which has been developed as Noccalula Falls Park, complete with a pioneer village and Native American legend of an Indian princess that died there.

Robert Cravens was one of the first developers on Lookout Mountain, moving there in 1855. In November 1863 the "Battle of the Clouds" was fought on the slopes of Lookout Mountain. This was the first of the battles for Chattanooga.

In recent years developers have created many upscale second home communities along the brow of the mountain. Conservation easements have protected some of the plateau's natural beauty. For more information on land and homes available on Lookout Mountain visit


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